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The exposure on television, other ads, and articles are getting men to realize that they might have changed over time, however slowly, to the point where they no longer function as well as they did when they were younger. The changes may be subtle, but they accumulate over time. Some gentlemen realize they don't ...
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The Difference Between Average, Normal & Optimal

When lab companies create a test they take a bunch of samples from a wide range of people (in the case of testosterone, they sample men and women separately) and come up with a value in the numeric middle that's known as the average. Now without going into too much statistics, the lab also generates a range of ...
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Send Us Your Labs

We want to get your levels to the upper 25% (quartile) of physiological normal. That would be approximately 750-1100 depending on the lab. We do this with physiological doses of testosterone, not pharmacological doses. And as you are more than just a number on a lab sheet, we also want your levels of function and ...
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How We Work

Our Goals
Why Did We Open?
Our primary focus involves public service professionals whose jobs are physically demanding and necessitate a higher level of focus. The safety of these professionals as well as others demands optimal performance and peak physical fitness. Whether …
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